Management versus Leadership

How much can you do yourself?


Managers tend to handle too many issues on their own as they don't trust the competence of their employees.


No wonder that these employees don't develop, as they don't get challenged and therefore don't get trained.


The more tasks a manager has in his personal responsibility, the worse the performance of the staff will be, manifested in the results of the team.

A good work-life-balance is key to be a good leader.


Managers seldomly have a balanced relationship between work and life. Managers have too many important tasks for balancing their life.


Leaders tend to have a good social life, supporting their social and leadership skills at work as they do actively balance between work and life.


The leader's most important task


is to develop his staff, ask them for entrepreneurical behaviour, empower responsibilities and hold them accountable.


Leaders mentor and coach their employees actively and permanently seek development programs for them.


Leaders trust their staff as they know well about their competence and social abilities and benefit through their employees as the team result is excellent.


Leaders are excellent learners.

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