How can we influence risk and liability issues to your benefit?

More and more rules and regulations require our attention in regular business life. More and more folders with compliance information are piling up on our employees desks, but how can one still be compliant?


As a matter of fact, governments don't care about incompetence, they fine instead and this can be very costly - upto 10% of the turnover of a company.


Is your company at risk?

As a matter of fact we believe nobody is really able to answer this question for sure.

What is the challenge:


  • Rules and regulations are becoming more and more
  • They are difficult to understand
  • The are very costly to implement, especially for small-medium sized corporations
  • There is never enough time for a proper implementation to all relevant employees
  • Implementation procedures cannot reach out fast enough, there are simply not enough training resources available
  • The correct audience is not known, therefore it is costly implemented with every employee
  • The productivity decreases drastically and maneuvers companies into loss
  • Being compliant is business critical and very expensive
  • Being non-compliant is critical to the existence of the company
  • and there is more


How do we mitigate risk and liability to your benefit?


  • "I AM EXPERT" and "my SKILLZ" deliver easy to understand e-Learning content
  • Most of the rules are covered by our program and there will be more to come on a global basis
  • The solutions are customisable and characterisable to reach out to the right audience at the speed of business
  • Our programs don't interfere negativly with your productivity targets and even increase your quality in exchange
  • You are able to report compliance training and therefore reduce the organisational liability towards governments
  • You can report risk mitigation and reduction of liability to your professional liability insurance to claim refunds on premium paid
  • and there is more