The principles of our company

To challenge the status quo is tradition. To retain business ethics, principles and values is essential. Our business model is based on balancing between these core principles:


International LOG Experts is and remains an independent company, cooperating and collaborating with competent partners globally to service our customers and supply the expected knowledge base.



Our e-Learning material does not include preference for systems or providers and focuses on best practise for the audience only.



We only supply products where we have the compentence to create innovative content and where we have regional or national localisation experience.



All information supplied to us, in regards to create customised products, remains confidential.


Partnerships / Cooperation

We partner with Experts to expand beyond our natural limitations. We select Experts carefully and seek long lasting relationships based on shareholder principles.


Franchise System

We supply a franchise system in order to expand our products globally for our customers and international markets. Franchise Partners are granted a dedicated sales territory based on objectives.